FDA Fails to Follow Main Stream Science

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At least 9 Leading, main stream Scientists have researched Kratom and determined that it does NOT qualify as a Schedule 1 substance. Some of these scientists (like Chis McCurdy Ph.D) have been researching the plant for over 15 years. In other words, since before the FDA even knew about it. Independent Scientists have done 8 point abuse potential analysis reports etc and the FDA simply disregards their findings.

The FDA has hired it’s own private stable of scientists and created it’s own (untested and unproven) proprietary 8 point abuse potential, 3D modelling software that disagrees with all the leading, mainstream scientists on the topic of Kratom. The FDA seems hell bent on convincing the DEA to schedule Kratom, regardless of mainstream scientific evidence, public opinion and public safety.

Why? Well opinions vary, but considering that the FDA has proven time and again to be a “front man” for Big Pharma and considering the billions of dollars per year pharmaceutical opiates lose to Kratom and the fact it can’t be patented and taken over by Big Pharma might provide a clue. I know of one woman who replaced a $10,000 per year perscription opiate habit for kratom. Now considering there are over 5 million regular Kratom users in the USA… well, do the math.

Below you will find scientifc documents and a video news commentary on this vitally important topic.

What Does Main Stream Science Say About Kratom?

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