In this section, I’m going to attempt to separate the facts from the fiction regarding Kratom in as much of a non-biased way as I can. However I will state at the onset that after exhaustive research, followed up with personal experience, I’m convinced that keeping Kratom legal (albeit regulated) is in the best interest of public health and safety.

By regulated I do not mean medical industry and pharmaceutical control. I refer to regulations that ensure uncontaminated purity and quality of the product, as well as preventing anyone under 21 from purchasing it or using it without parental consent for legitimate reasons.

Kratom is a powerful medicinal herb and like any medicine (plant or pharmaceutical) it is not without potential abuse, misuse or risk, however these risks are MINOR when compared to the risk of pharmaceutical, opiate type pain medications or illegal street drugs (opiates, heroin etc).

In this section I will share the evidence and reasoning that led me to my conclusion and hopefully reveal why the issue of Kratom scheduling is far more important to the health and freedom of American citizens than first meets the eye.

First, let’s start with a couple, foundational FACTS regarding Kratom…

What is KratomKratom is a Medicinal Tree Leaf aka Herb:

Kratom is not a drug, it is a plant with medicinal qualities. There is a difference! Part of the strategy of those who are trying to demonize Kratom is to consistently refer to it in the media as a drug. Many don’t actually realize it is a plant, a medicinal herb (a tree leaf to be more precise). It has been used for hundreds of years in parts of Asia for pain reduction, energy and opiate withdrawal.

Kratom leaves contain alkaloids with opiate like pain relieving medicinal qualities, but before you let this scare you off, understand that Kratom’s “opiate like” alkaloids (in it’s raw plant form) are FAR less potent, harmful, addictive or dangerous than typical opiates and only represent about 1% of the plants total medicinal content.

This is natural plant medicine as it is found in nature, not man made chemical medicine manufactured in the laboratory. There is a major difference. This is covered in more detail later on other parts of this site.

Two primary reasons people use Kratom:

  1. As a way to deal with chronic pain without relying on dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical opiate pain medication
  2. As a way to wean themselves off, and overcome heroin and pharmaceutical opiate addiction.

While more research needs to be done, the available research indicates that recreational use only accounts for a very small percentage between 1.62% and 2% of Kratom users. The vast majority of Kratom users are well educated, productive and responsible adults who use it for health reasons.

According to a recent survey of over 6000 Kratom users in the US by the Pain News Network:

What people use Kratom for

No Evidence of AbuseKratom’s Addiction Potential:

One of the arguments used by the FDA is that Kratom has an addictive abuse potential. However from a scientific, chemical composition point of view, it’s no more addictive than caffeine.

However if people who are prone to addiction (addictive personalities) overuse or abuse it, they can develop a stronger attachment to it as they can with any potentially habit forming substance (coffee, sugar, alcohol etc). But from a purely scientific point of view, it is no more addicting than caffeine.

Kratom addiction and withdrawal symptoms are very similar to the effects of coffee addiction or caffeine withdrawal.  In fact, kratom belongs to the same family of botanicals as the coffee tree. Follow the science!

Kratom Related Death Scare:

Prescription Opioids KillThis one is probably the most hyped reason for Scheduling Kratom as a “dangerous drug”. I’ve dedicated an entire page just to this topic (it’s under construction now) but in a nutshell the FDA recently sited 44 deaths as Kratom related. However…

The alleged 44 deaths (in total) took place over a time span of 7 years (2011 – 2017) and ALL but ONE of the victims had multiple potentially lethal substances in their systems at the time of death (they don’t tell you this).

Now compare that to the fact that Pharmaceutical opioid pain medications KILL 46 people in the US Each and Every Day according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control). In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s 16,790 deaths from pharmaceutical opiate pain relievers every year (and growing).

Yeah but lets ban a much safer, natural alternative treatment that millions are turning to instead of pharmaceutical drugs because it “may” have killed 44 people over a 7 year period of time.

Kratom Related Deaths
Source: Huffington Post

Who are they really trying to protect.. the public… or BIG Pharma’s ability to profit from, and control our heath choices?